Athletic Endurance

#Zone2Baby. What does that mean?

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#Zone2Baby is our hashtag to remind you that building athletic endurance takes time and patience and should be enjoyable. Building endurance requires training in what is commonly known as Zone 2. Easier said than done for many athletes.

How to train in Zone 2 properly should be the focus of your endurance training. This includes the right clothing, proper nutrition on and off the bike and a properly fit bike.

Every athlete only has a certain number of matches to burn at the top end of their athletic performance. Being able to utilize those matches properly (and at the proper time) and how to increase the number of matches is the essential reason for endurance training. Check these links out:


Every athlete in every sport can benefit from improving their endurance. Cycling is an endurance sport that can benefit multiple other sports including soccer, running, basketball, rowing, etc. Endurance is a key factor in decreasing the incidence of injury in any athletic endevour. Cycling is also the ideal cross training exercise for many sports.