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#Zone2Baby is our hashtag to remind you that building athletic endurance (often times referred to as stamina) and metabolic efficiency requires discipline and patience and should be enjoyable.

We start with lactate testing to accurately define your training zones. It can be on a bike, treadmill or rowing ergometer. We use Polar products and software to track and guide your progress. Once we track your current exercise regimen to get a benchmark, we tailor a program to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Building endurance requires training in what is commonly known as Zone 2. Easier said than done for many athletes. How to train in Zone 2 properly will be the focus of your endurance training. You can cross train in a variety of sports to build your endurance and speed. You will also engage in some high intensity efforts throughout your training. These will also be tailored to your goals. 

Every athlete in every sport can benefit from improving their endurance. Being able to utilize energy properly and at the proper time is the essential reason for endurance training. Any high intensity effort is more efficient with a strong endurance foundation. Endurance is a key factor in decreasing the incidence of injury.

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