What Makes Us

Philosophy and Design

  • It all starts with design.
  • Our designs are driven by our passion for cycling.
  • You should be able to look down at your kit and be inspired
  • Fitted for cycling
  • Designed and hand crafted in California
  • Fit is most important it should always be skin tight and act like a second skin but with out it feeling skin tight.
  • We have developed our own specific Women's patterns. Our women's apparel has been designed on women's bodies with feed back from the riders themselves.

Our Product


Freddie himself has personally overseen all our product, from developing patterns, to picking fabrics, pads and trim. We have taken great care to develop our apparel with our passion of creating something better and user friendly.  The best part about it being made local it allows us to have a hands on approach to this task. When we develop we closely work together with all personal face to face to make sure we not only can develop quickly but exactly what we want. It also allows for modifications as we find the product needs to evolve.


  • We source the world for the best fabrics, currently we only source from Italy
  • Ultra Technical Protective Fabrics –Our wind and thermal fabrics offer wind and thermal protection while being breathable. And we offer one more benefit –flap free riding. Out multilevel breathable laminates stretch. Worn over a jersey and base layer they still conform to your body without impairing movement.
  • The Pads – A bottom is only as good as the pad. Only one country manufactures pads suitable for serious cyclists. Italy. Elastic Interface by Cytech the recognized leader. We only uses the higher end pads suitable for 6+ hours in the saddle. Our high end Cytech pad is antimicrobial, suitable for 6+ hour rides and is used routinely in the pro peloton. Why would you want to wear a 2 hour pad on a 6 hour ride when you can wear a 6 hour pad on a 2 hour ride and be very comfortable. A pad can limit your comfort, that's why we only use 6+ hour pads.
  • Zippers – we use YKK zippers. We put 2-way, separating zippers on our jackets and vests. Basic story is this……………...YKK zippers are reliable. They also cost up to 3X competitive alternatives. But as YKK’s tagline says, “small part –big problem”. A broken zipper ruins the apparel. We take the quality approach and use only YKK.
  • Virgin Silicone Grippers One word MAB from Italy
  • Power Bands: One word again MAB from Italy
  • Stretch threads – our threads stretch just like our fabrics. And, of course, our thread costs more. And we matching thread colors to the apparel design.
Imaging and Graphics


  • We use Digital Dye Sublimation a direct digital imaging technology.
  • Part of the process of Printing is making sure we pick the best tools we feel will get the job done. From our transfer paper to the inks and the Italian press that make sure those graphics make it onto the apparel the best way possible.


    • Multiple Sewing Technologies – It takes three to four sewing machines to build our product. No one stitch fits all. We use single and double needle machines. We use flat lock and over lock machines. We use zig-zag machines for securing chamois to insure chafe free riding.
    • We sew locally. We perfect and manage the sewing process.
    • Sewing locally means better quality –but at a cost. It cost us 10-12X more to sew in the USA. Our sewers earn a living wage, pay taxes and work reasonable hours. Does this matter? We think so. And of course sewing locally means we produce faster.
      Local Manufacturing
      • We make it in the San Francisco Bay Area in the heart of the largest cycling community in California.